Saturday, January 27, 2007

My First Blog & Newest Adventures

Wednesday, 24 January 2007
Okay, here goes...I'm going to do it! I have been inspired to start my own blog! I often skim the internet , uncovering a blog or two here or there, pouring over all the "sneak peeks" before the trade shows, I even have a couple friends who blog daily, but I forget to check in on a regular basis. So, am I cut-out to be a blogger? Will I remember to write on a consistent basis? Will I have anything useful to say? ...I guess we'll find out! LOL!
I am the co-founder of a new magazine, Scrapbook Dimensions, that will be released soon in a free e-mail version (this issue only) and will go to bi-monthly, hard copy issues with the next issue. Writing has always been a passion of mine and I am excited to be writing and designing once again! When I think back I have always been on this path, even though I detoured a few times along the way. I worked in a printing company right out of high school, went on to work as a copy editor for a catalog company, an associate editor of a model railroad magazine, then as editor of an on-line e-zine...and now writing for Scrapbook Dimensions and working toward authoring my very own book! I feel so many emotions......nervousness - will I find a publisher?, excited anticipation - I believe in this book so strongly; I know the market is there! and a joyous burst of energy - my passion fully recognized gives me such a sense of happiness that I can hardly contain myself!
To get your free copy of the magazine, simply log onto and sign up!
My book will feature workspaces and organizational techniques by crafters across the country - sure to inspire us all! To be involved in my book: Send two-three photos of your creative workspace (from closets to custom-built rooms) to me at .
So, I think I can do this blog thing! I love to write! I guess now I just have to wonder if my friends will be better than I have been about reading blogs! LOL! Whether they read it or not, it is a great release. I find it healing, relaxing, motivating and inspiring to write out my thoughts, goals and accomplishments! And somehow I find this easier than reaching for my journal and pen to write down these exact thoughts and emotions.


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