Friday, March 2, 2007

What's Old is New...

Remember when I said I had old storage containers in boxes and I just couldn't part with them? Well, yesterday proved why I have to keep them! I decided to dive in and re-sort my embellishments...this time by color family. I am so happy I am making the switch, but it is a BIG project! I also discovered why retail stores love to keep us reorganizing; they know we will have to run back and buy more stuff! Now I need more plastic floss boxes (I thought I'd never use these again!!! Surprise!). And as the boxes start to fill with color you want each spot to be full...because it looks so amazing! Have an empty spot? Better run to the scrapbook store and find some more pink embellishments to fill it! LOL! I have found that it is much easier to inventory what I have this way. It was nice to see an entire jar of turn mounts...but it's much more helpful to know I have only five pink ones!
And to see all the color together in one spot is so inspiring! After gathering the reds together I found myself wishing I had taken some Valentine's Day pictures! All that red just screamed...create something!!!! And red isn't even one of my favorite colors! Imagine how hard it was not to start playing when the blues came together! And the lime...and the pink...and well, I could go on and on! LOL! I simply love color! So if you are as inspired by color as I am, then this may be the perfect way for you to store your embellishments. But hey, don't go buying up all the floss containers before I get there! ;)

enjoy the color around you!

Update: Here is how the color boxes look in the studio after completing the big switch-over. I am happy to report I still LOVE this system! It has worked great and is a blessing when I scrap away from home. I just grab the color boxes I'll need, knowing I have everything in one place.

And as I always say....I'm more inspired when I can see color surrounding me.

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Colleen Schaan said...

You are my organization idol!! Craft Critique has a link to you today in their Organization Carnival...lots of great stuff. And yours is making me consider a change in my thinking...hmmm by color huh?