Tuesday, April 3, 2007

If for only one day...

Wouldn't it be incredible if the entire world could go one day without saying or doing anything negative?! If we could spend 24 hours hearing nothing but positive affirmations, stories of joy and feelings of euphoria? Why is it we don't all expect that and provide that? Well, I think we should start!!! Right now...today!

That is my challenge to everyone....for the entire day - do not think a negative thought, speak an ill-word or do anything that will bring a dark cloud to anything. For one day, let the driver that didn't get over when they should have, merge in front of you; stop and hold the door for a stranger; say hello and smile to someone you normally would have walked right past without acknowledging. Let's apply a "don't worry - be happy" lifestyle to our entire day and see how we feel when the sun sets tonight.

List 5 things you are grateful/happy for in your life and write them down. Then anytime something or someone, oblivious to today's challenge, does something that would normally bring you down...recall those five items and focus on them. Look at the bigger picture of what you find valuable in life. Hold on to it and let it guide your mood all day.

I guess life on the islands got to me... everyone seemingly so relaxed, happy, and unaffected by the daily grind of suburbia. Everyone saying hello as they passed, laughing and finding joy in every little thing, every little moment.
Come on, give it a try...I dare ya!
My five things....

1. That I have true love in my life.
2. That my children are healthy and close by.
3. That I have a home I love and happiness inside of it.
4. That I am able to travel and see magnificent sights.
5. That I like who I am and where I'm going in life.

As I write this list I can truly see why I shouldn't waste time complaining about the small annoyances in life. I truly am blessed...in so many more ways than this short list can begin to say.

enjoy and find the good in everything!

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