Friday, June 8, 2007

Do you Repurpose?

Repurpose (re-pur'pes) v. To use or convert for use in another format.

This must be the buzz word of the year. I hear it everywhere lately!

Myself, I find it an odd word. I mean, not odd in the sense that it doesn't define itself...I think it does. Rather it is odd in how it came to be. Wasn't the term always re-use? Did everyone get frustrated trying to decide if there should or shouldn't be a hyphen in the word? Object to the double vowel thing? What?! Where did the word re-use go? It is like I woke up one day and someone had removed re-use from the dictionary and replaced it with repurpose! (Although my spell check still says it is a misspelled word!) Oh is obviously out of my hands. I guess I'll just have to repurpose the word "re-use" and use it in other formats. But speaking of re-using or repurposing....

There is a chapter in my book, Creative Spaces for Papercrafters, highlighting great household items one can "repurpose" into craft organizers. It is one of my favorite chapters. I mean, perfect storage solutions for next-to-nothing cost! Who doesn't love that?!
Because of this chapter, I have spent a lot of time perusing garage sales and thrift stores lately in search of things to repurpose! I only have so many things around my house that need to find a new reason for being, so I had to enlist the help of other purgers! And I will say, the people purging these items could be sorry they didn't see the true potential of these gems!! I have made some fabulous discoveries! I don't want to give away too much from the book but I thought I'd give you a little early peek at a few things you can salvage from your (or your neighbors) next garage sale!

If you have a great repurposing example being used in your craft room, please submit it a photo and brief description to me at: and maybe it will be published too!
Have YOU repurposed lately?!

While I've been out searching for the perfect storage containers and organizers other deals have surfaced as well! I scored a brand new $50 bag from Coldwater Creek for $4.99 and a brand new set of Target dishes for Melissa (reg $40) for $14.99!!! How could I say no? You just can't beat that!!!
I've had so much fun, I now refer to Thursdays as Thrifty day to go out and treasure hunt, I mean, research! This book work can be a grind. Shop, shop, shop!
You know what they say, One man's trash is another man's treasure!
enjoy your own little treasure hunt!

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Hey Deanna,

What fun to hear that you liked my studio organization! I'd be thrilled to have to use any of it in your book!
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