Friday, June 1, 2007

A Passion for Movies

I love movies. I always have.

I have very early childhood memories of loading up the car with pillows, blankets and homemade buttered popcorn, and heading to the drive-in just a half a mile from our house. Waiting in line along the highway, approaching the huge marquee sign with all its lights. Picking just the right spot and attaching the old, brick-size, metal speaker to the rolled down window. That is the very first movie memory I have. And to this day, I still love the drive-in. It is one of the few childhood pleasures that I never outgrew.

In my pre-teen years I remember heading to the local theater (Lynn-Twin) with my girlfriends to catch one of the two movies playing there. And of course, one of my favorite movie memories of all time is waiting in the very, very long line to see Star Wars at a very cool, huge, stand alone, one screen theater in downtown Seattle. (It is still there and still very cool!) I read on a friend's blog that this year is the 30th Anniversary of Star Wars and was shocked to realize it has been that long already!

Another favorite movie memory was when I attended a private premiere party for Top Gun. It was my first introduction to surround sound! I will never forget the way it sounded when the jets seemingly flew over our heads in the theater that night.

Today with DVR's, DVD's and On Demand it is easier and easier to avoid spending the (greatly increased) chunk of cash to catch a newly released film at the theater, but in my opinion....It is still worth every penny! Even with new-fangled home theater technology, there is nothing like seeing a movie on a larger than life screen. It never fails to disappoint me.

So once in a while, break away from the norm and go to an "especially cool" theater, instead of just the local one connected to the mall. Sit in a balcony. Go to a drive-in. Attend a premiere. Wait in line to see an epic. Just go...and make some great movie memories!

enjoy the show...and the popcorn!

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