Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Paper, paper, paper!!!

I'm not attending CHA this year physically, but I'm trying to stay up on what's going on virtually. I love technology sometimes!!! I can avoid Chicago in July (ugh!) and still feel like I am connected to what's happening in our industry! Sweeeeet!

There are so many great new products being released! To check some of them out head to and click on the "blogs" link. I have to say, after seeing more of the sneak peaks this week, there are now plenty of patterned papers that I want to get my hands on! Where I will store it, I have NO idea!

I may have to do a bit of purging. (GASP!) Do you purge through your paper stash every so often? Pulling out older, less appealing papers to make room for new, more inspiring designs? I do!
I find my tastes and style change along the way and some things that used to look good, now seem to have completely lost their pizazz. I simply pull them out and add them into my "stuff to sell pile." Whatever doesn't sell, I donate to a local teen scrapbook group. It is the only way this self-admitted paper addict can survive! I already have a 1' pile of paper to categorize and put away, and now there will be more coming! Augghhhh! But I just can't help it...I LOVE PAPER!!

enjoy the "healthier" addictions in life!


Colleen Schaan said...

I LOVE paper too! I can't wait to see all tne new patterns and colors...I don't NEED any more, but I do WANT more!

Jolene George said...

That stack of paper is a beautiful sight. I think all paper lovers would agree. I can't wait to see the new papers from CHA. I would love to see them in person since I'm a hands on touchy feely kind of girl.
So how many rooms have you collected for your book now? I think it's the neatest idea. I can only imagine how much work it is for you to put together, but I'm really excited to admire all that you put into it. :o)