Monday, July 2, 2007

A surprise 3-day weekend!

Rog ended up having Friday off so we enjoyed an unscheduled three-day weekend! It was great! Lots of time to get stuff done around the house and just be together.

We headed to IKEA on Friday after Rog eyed my sticky note on the computer screen and realized the sale was on. (He is such a awesome hubby!) We spotted a couple upper cabinets in the As Is department and picked those up. We aren't really ready to do the entire wall yet, so we just bought the cabinet frames and will wait to get the doors and remaining units in a couple months.

I am so excited to get the last of the studio complete. But Rog reminded me....we have to start on the garage organizing project. Ugh. The garage isn't near as much fun as the studio! When I sort through studio stuff it's colorful and pretty and it makes me want to create! When I sort garage stuff it's dusty and boring and makes me want to just head back to the studio! LOL! But fair is fair...and he has worked so hard to give me the studio of my dreams that I have to return the favor and help create his garage masterpiece!
We managed to find a couple other great deals at IKEA as well (of course)! I bought a cabinet a couple years ago to serve as a liquor cabinet. I scored it really cheap in the As Is department because it only had one frosted glass door. It looked okay that way, with the top half open, but I always wished I could find another door. The problem, I discovered, was that they are only sold in sets of two! On this trip we found a double wide model of the same cabinet and, amazingly enough, it too only had one door! What are the odds?! So we'll have a larger liquor cabinet with two bottom doors and a completely open cabinet to put somewhere else in the room! Perfect!
I also found these little cuties!

Rog was completely dumbfounded when I tossed ten of them in the cart. I assured him they would make creative party decor and he gave up even trying to understand. My brain just works a little differently than most people's...and the beauty part of our relationship is...he gets that!

Gotta love him!

enjoy life's surprises!


Jolene George said...

Don't you love it when you find things way cheap in the as is section.
I had to laugh when i saw those sharks. Made me think of my car dealers story. I like the way you think...cute party decor.

Colleen said...

You are hysterical! I just love the sharks...never thought of them as party decorations. Great idea!