Monday, July 9, 2007

A Week In Review... much has happened in the past week I almost don't know where to begin...

Rog got a call last Monday asking if he'd be interested in going to work for a different company. He has been so unhappy where he is at, he jumped at the interview opportunity. Everything went incredible and he starts there today! I am so happy that he followed his heart and took this leap!! To work for people who do not express appreciation or value one's dedication is very difficult and eventually begins tearing you apart. After nine years he is making a fresh start and I feel like it is the right thing for him to do. Yea!!!
With the change of job came the perfect opportunity to take a couple days off and re-group. We had a camping trip planned with friends and were now able to leave earlier than expected! After a bit of RV Mechanical trouble we arrived at Banks Lake and had an incredible time! All the perfect family and friends, lots of sunshine and cool, clear water! Not to mention an awesome shish kabob dinner one night and a sweet early morning visitor to top it all off! AAahhhhhhh....heaven!

I am now back home feeling relaxed, sporting a new tan, and ready to catch up!

Things to do:

1. Reclaim the dog from ex-hubby. I tried to see if he'd just keep her, but he says I'd miss her too much. Yea, right! If I was smart I would have included her name in the custody agreement! LOL!

2. Drive Melissa to the DOL to buy her car tabs. Funny how teenagers just think all you have to do is add gas and drive! Before we left on vacation a police officer very nicely reminded her that her tabs had just expired! Welcome to July, Baby Girl!

3. Try and define 7 things about myself. I was tagged by Heather while I was away so look for those answers on Wild Card Wednesday!
4. Create a cool, new blog banner. It has been on my list for quite some time, but now with the step by step help from and Melissa (who is much quicker with Photo Shop) I will finally take the plunge and make it happen! The title-only thing is just sooooo boring!

5. Get three days worth of work on the book done in one day! I need to make up for time away and the busy week ahead. I have family in from out of town to visit, a play date for a couple rounds of tennis (or whatever it's called when you haven't lifted a racket for two years and weren't very good to begin with!), and a dear friend dealing with some very rough days ahead that I want to be available for at a seconds notice. She's been there for me sooooo many times.

So lots of big stuff going on around here! I better get to it! I'll leave you with a quote from a song that I just love...."Breathe in, breathe out...move on."

Extra points if you know the name of the song and the artist who sings it! Heck, let's make this official! Everyone who posts the correct answer in the message field before Wednesday's post will be in the running for a little giveaway!
A file Caddy from Highsmith - ready to "alter" in your favorite patterned paper and add to your Creative Space!

enjoy the opportunities that present themselves, sometimes when you least expect them!


Colleen said...

Well, I can't play for the blog candy because I have no idea what song it is from or who sings it. I just wanted to stop in to say congratulations to your DH on his new job opportunity. Good for him for embracing change. Your "vacation" sounds and looks wonderful. I am excited to hear how the book is coming...

Mandy said...

Leaps into the unknown are the best, especially when they are from the heart ;) Good on him! Looks like you had lots of fun...
Hope you got my email and hope you get the work done you planned! Looks like a great prize, have no clue which song the words are from though LOL

Shannon Stamp said...

Jimmy Buffet!!!!!!!Party at the End of the World.

Looks like you had a blast on the mini vacation. Wish I was there.

I have good news, over on my blog...just updated this morning.

Please let me know who your previous post was about? Anyone I know?