Wednesday, November 21, 2007

It must be THAT time of year again...

Our calendar is about to explode it is so heavily booked! While having a lot of fun things to do with the people you care about is so awesome, it is also a little stressful! Sometimes to accept one invitation you must turn down another. The hard part is I want to be everywhere with everyone, but it just isn't possible.
The good news...we are flying out to Arkansas for Rog's nephew's wedding. The bad news...we are missing a surprise 40th birthday part for a friend that I really wanted to attend! I can't even tell the friend in advance that I'm sorry I won't be there, cause like I's a surprise! But this time, we have to put family first. Rog's family has had a tough year with the loss of his Dad in March and I just really think we need to be there. I just wish they weren't sooooooo far away. It will cost a lot to just spend the 2-1/2 days we can be there and I know it will go way too quickly. When we got a card from his grandmother last night saying how much she was looking forward to our visit, we were happy we had gone ahead and booked the tickets earlier that day! It is hard to fit all the holiday parties into the calendar, but yet it is the one time of year that draws us together with those we don't see often throughout the year. Another reason I love this holiday season!!

Like I mentioned in a previous post, I am sooooooo ready for Christmas this year! I am beyond excited to put up our tree, smell the traditional Tourtierre (meat pie) in the oven on Christmas morning, and watch the lights twinkling on the mantle as we sit in front of the fireplace. And the shopping! I LOVE Christmas shopping!!!! While parking isn't always a joy, the sounds and sights inside the mall warm me and make me smile. Kind of like the feeling I always get when I first walk onto Disneyland's Main Street. It just makes me happy!

So, while I may not make it to every event the way I would like, we will do our best to visit and celebrate with as many of our friends and loved ones as we possibly can.

enjoy the plans you're making....

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