Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Review, Reaffirm, and Resolve...

New Year's is a time of reflection for many of us, myself included. While some struggle with where they are when they reach their milestone birthdays (30, 40, etc...), I never have. I tend to get that way with every holiday season and year's end. The same questions beg answering each year. Am I where I want to be? I am who I want to be? Some years I feel blessed to be exactly where I want to be and some years have been so earth-shattering that I want to be anywhere but here!
The other night Rog and I were looking at some old pictures left on an SD card and were trying to figure out when and where they were shot. I finally realized "Hey, these are from the wedding last year!" He responded with, "...whose wedding?!" After a quick toss with a sofa pillow aimed directly at his head, I said, "YOURS!" He quickly tried to save himself by explaining that it didn't seem possible that our wedding was only a little over a year ago. And I have to admit, I agree.

It seems like this year took the span of three years. We had a lot of family stuff going on. BIG stuff. Kid issues. The loss of Rog's dad. My dad's heart attack. Selecting a place and then moving my Grandmother into assisted living. Rog's mom staying with us for a couple weeks. His sister and bil here visiting. So many big events. Not to mention our cruise. 4 litters of puppies. Melissa's graduation. A major job change. Opening the Retreat House. The list just goes on and on. How ever did we fit ALL of that into one year?! No wonder we are exhausted!!!

But after all of that, when I ask myself that same ol' year-end question...Am I happy where I am at in life? My answer is, Yes, I am. Am I who I want to be? Well, like any ever-evolving project, I am not completely finished, but I am happy with who I am right this minute. I know there are things I need to still work on (my weight, my income, my patience level...), but overall I am content with the person I have become.

Like many of us that consider ourselves still "in work," I have things I resolve to try and improve on. So I will share that list another day. I need time to really think it through. Why make resolutions, some may be asking. Well, because I know, and Stephen Covey agrees, we are more likely to achieve the goal we write down and share out loud. So...I will make my list and get back to you.

Did you write a list? What is your greatest 2008 resolution? Did you write one last year that you achieved? Do tell.....

enjoy the accomplish of goals achieved!!!

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