Monday, January 21, 2008

Surviving the Writer's Strike

I admit it, I was a little angry when the writer's strike began to creep into my life by serving me nothing but television re-runs and cancelling the Golden Globes. But, for every ailment there is a cure and reality shows are proving to be the perfect prescription!

I watched my first complete season of The Amazing Race and thoroughly enjoyed it. I was extremely happy as the team I rooted for crossed the finish line in first place last night (TK and Rachel...Yea!). And now I am deeply involved watching The Biggest Loser (another show I had never seen more than an episode of two of prior to the strike). It is inspiring to see other people working hard and losing weight. And I love the couples angle!

I am about to be highly compensated for my television loyalty during the writer's strike, however, when my all-time favorite reality show returns to the airwaves in record time....

Survivor: Fans vs Favorites will begin on February 7th!!!!

A mere two and a half weeks from now! And with the return of one of my favorite past players, it is sure to be a great season!!!

Do you recognize this previous castaway?

Here's a hint: He climbs Banana trees and holds his breath better than any player I've ever seen.

Yes, Ozzy is back! He came in second place in the Cook Islands, and I will love getting to see him go for the title of Sole Survivor this time!

enjoy the reality that the writer's have given us,

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