Monday, January 7, 2008

What I learned today....or finally remembered to post!

~ Chatterbox has been purchased by Ultra PRO Corp, who also owns 7 gypsies! (...and as many of you know 7 gypsies has been my favorite company for years!) I cannot wait to see what Chatterbox and Melody Ross have in store for us! Melody will continue to serve as Head of Design. Yea! Two incredible companies under one umbrella! I can't wait for the aweome, new products to shower down upon us!!!

~ Junkitz is no more. While I had heard they closed their doors, it wasn't until recently that I heard why. Seems Junkitz was forced to file bankruptcy. Proving the industry's hard times fall on more than just the retail stores, but the manufacturers as well. The previous owner’s of Junkitz can now be found at Inque_Boutique.

~ Michael's is now accepting their 40% coupons for the Martha Stewart line (I haven't tested this at my store, but wanted to pass along the news I heard).

~ Big Picture Scrapbooking is challenging us to complete 31 pages in 31 days as we kick-off 2008. What a way to get us re-motivated! Are you up for it?! If so check it out here: Jan_Challenge

~ Having just read another story of a computer crash resulting in a total loss of stored photos, here is my helpful hint of the day (note: I am yelling at myself too!)......PRINT those PICTURES already!!!!! Enough said.

enjoy the day and what you accomplish throughout it!

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