Friday, March 21, 2008


I was tagged by Shannon a couple weeks ago and haven't had time to respond yet (I will), but today saw a quicker quiz on her blog to play along with so here goes....

1. Who was your very first "best friend" growing up?
My neighbor, Shelly. We were inseparable for years!

2. Who was your favorite junior high friend?
A new girl transferred into our school named Kim...we became very close and would go on to be best friends all the way through High School.

3. What is something nice a friend has done for you lately?
Debbie is always doing something nice for me so it is hard to pin it down to one thing! And De Ann is helping me a ton, by helping my mom with her taxes! You girls ROCK! Both of them are always plugging the new retreat house for us too!

4. What is your favorite thing to do with a friend?
Depends on which friend....Get together for scrapbook weekends covers most of them. Go to D Thai with De Ann and Katrina. Go to the movies or tropical getaways with Deb and Jim. And there are too many things to list that I love to do with my very best husband. Play Scrabble, go camping, snuggle on the couch watching movies, the list is endless!

5. What is one topic of conversation you and a friend talked about recently?
Politics. With true friends you can talk about anything. You teach each other and gain better perspective by seeing the other's views from their vantage point.

6. If you and your friend went out to dinner tonight where would you go? What would you order?
If it was De Ann it would most definitely be out for Thai - Thom Kah Soup - as we are both craving it like crazy!!! If it was Debbie it would be somewhere casual for appetizers. She'll order Nachos or Fried Mozzarella and I would order Chicken Strips or Bacon Wrapped Prawns. With Rog, it would be The Keg for a nice, juicy steak or Tony Roma's for ribs!

7. Who is your closest friend that you've never met in person?
Fortunately, I get the chance to meet most all my friends in person. The one person I haven't gotten to meet face to face yet is Jolene in Arizona. Someday....

8. What is one gift you can give to your friend today that cost nothing? Will you give it?
My time, my support, my love. Whenever a friend needs me I try to always make time for them and they have my love and support everyday without question. I most likely will not see any other of my friends besides Rog as I am working all day, then it's off to the comedy club with him and his friends tonight.

It is hard to answer a quiz about friends and only specifically mention a couple. I am very blessed to be surrounded by many friends in my life. We talk, we laugh, and we support each other through life's ups and downs. And while some I talk to everyday and others only once in a while, they all hold a special place in my heart. They each bring something unique into my life. I know at the touch of the dial they will be there for me and I hope they know that I too, will always be there for them.

They have strengthened me in my darkest days; they have celebrated with me in my happiest moments. They keep me focused when life fogs my path and they are always the rock on my shore keeping me anchored. I cannot imagine life without them.

So, girlfriends...and you know who you are...thanks for just being YOU and bringing your perspectives, your passions, and your personalities into my life! If I had a dollar for every tear we've shed or laugh we've shared I'd be a bazillionaire. You make every day of my life feel richer! The love you fill me with is immeasurable! Thank You.

I want to include some pics, but will have to come back and add them later...gotta go to work!

enjoy the friendships that allow you to be yourself and fill your life with love!

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