Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Here's to Good People...

...doing great things! I love it when people help each other out!

Let me start by sharing a story with you...Before Rog and I were married we took all three of our children on a pre-family vacation. Out first big adventure all together. We spent a week during Christmas down in Southern California visiting my Dad and, of course, a variety of theme parks. We went to Magic Mountain and Universal Studios and took tons of photos along the way. Unfortunately, toward the end of our trip, we lost our camera while at Universal Studios. We checked back repeatedly to see if whoever discovered our camera had turned it in. Nope. At the very minimum, couldn't they have at least turned in the SD card holding hundreds of our vacation photos? No such luck. Whoever they were, they were so excited about scoring a $400 camera that they gave little regard for the priceless photos they took along with it.

While reading the newspaper this weekend I learned about an incredible blog site aimed at helping people reconnect with their lost photos. It is called: http://www.ifoundyourcamera.net/ and it made me smile.

Even though my photos were not among those posted, I smiled for all those that were. I smiled at the slight chance that maybe, just maybe, the new owner of my Kodak camera would see this sight. Maybe, they would feel compelled to grab my un-erased SD card and post a couple photos. Maybe. Just maybe.

While scanning this feel-good site, I saw many pictures (but, no one I knew personally). One set of (local) pictures and their story intrigued me and made me want to help, so I posted their picture here.

Their Story: An SD card was found inside the box of a computer game purchased from a thrift store and three years later after learning of this fabulous site, the new owner posted a few pictures and what little info she had. If the original owner's life is anything like mine, it must have fallen off the desk and into the box without anyone being the wiser. After fruitless searching the photos were most likely assumed to be lost forever.

UPDATE: I am happy to report that these photos and their owners have been reunited! I didn't see the success story posted, but Shannon pointed it out. Last February, after someone Sharon knew called her and told her, she contacted http://www.ifoundyourcamera.net/ and got her photos sent back to her. YEA! I love a happy ending!

And to who ever it is out there that has our Kodak camera and SD card...We've long since replaced the camera, it's yours to keep! We just want our family pictures back!!!!!!!

enjoy the feeling of helping others!

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Shannon S said...

I was checking out that sight and was reading the success stories, the picture you posted is a success story. They are Michael and Sharon.... very cool site, I hope your pictures show up.