Wednesday, October 8, 2008

What I've been doing while away...

I thought with the end of summer, I would find myself more freed up for staying in touch. Boy, was I wrong! Life just keeps moving full steam ahead and time in the home office has been hard to get. So what has kept me so busy?
I have traveled to Florida and Colorado on business. Florida was so busy we barely had time to realize where we were, but we did manage to get a little pool time and a quick trip to Downtown Disney for dinner at Bongo's - the restaurant owned by Gloria Estefen - and I LOVED it! We ate outside on the deck as the sun set; both the food and the atmosphere were awesome!

For the Colorado trip, Roger was able to join us so I had much more fun (and a little more time off as well). Rog lived in CO for years so we visited where he grew up, went to school, etc. While we were there we also looked for Rog's biological son (now 19) that he had never been able to know. We found him, they talked, and now they are continuing getting to know each other. After nineteen long years Rog has been able to fill a huge void in his life. Could there be a better trip than that?!

And the newest thing on our plate....
Gracie. We adopted an 8-week old Dobie last week! She is bundle of energy and cuteness!
So between the Retreat House work, the book project, the Weimeraner pups, my day job and the traveling it requires, my family, and household duties, I now have a baby in the house again. Am I INSANE?!!!! No....but I am a bit tired.
enjoy the quiet moments of peace at the end of a frenzied day!

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