Monday, February 2, 2009

Word of the Year

Every year I, along with millions of other scrapbookers, select a word to focus on throughout the coming year. A word that embodies how I feel, what my goals are, and what I strive to accomplish in my life. It is different for everyone. There really are no rules of selection other than it should motivate and inspire YOU. And like most goals, you are asked to write it down, keep it in sight, and weave it into your life throughout the months ahead.

This year I had completely forgotten to select my word until I received an e-mail from my local scrapbook store. Seems they were holding a contest. A contest all about our word. After choosing the word, customers were asked to put that word into an art form...a scrapbook page, wall hanging, etc...and bring it into the store where it would be voted by other customers. I read this e-mail at 11 o'clock on Friday night. The deadline was the following day.

This year's word came to me easily. I had a pretty rocky 2008 and over the past few years I had somehow allowed myself to move away from a lot of things that are important to me: friendships, faith, my health...the list goes on and on. This year my goal is to work harder on those things.

I want to Regain my focus. Refresh my friendships. Improve my health. Lift my faith. Re-ignite my passions. Strengthen my soul. I want to re-prioritize my life.

I want to RENEW all that is good and important to me. So, I decided to enter that contest at my local store. Something I haven't done in nearly 10 years! I rarely ever submit my work to any public forums except this blog. But this time I felt compelled by a force I haven't felt in YEARS! A passion not only re-ignited but on FIRE! I wanted to shout my word out and let everyone know...I'm back! So I stayed up till 1 am creating this wall hanging declaring my word for the world to see.

Now it's in your hands. The contest voting runs throughout the week so if you happen to be in the area of Lasting Memories, stop in and cast a vote! And vote honestly; don't just vote for who you know. There is a temporary position on the Design Team at stake for the winner so it needs to be an artist you find inspiring.

enjoy the challenge of breaking out and going for it!

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craftynana said...

Awesome job on your word! You are such an inspirational writer from the heart!