Thursday, January 28, 2010

I love cupcakes!

I've always loved cupcakes! There is just something so cute about them. An individually decorated mini-cake that you get all to yourself? What's NOT to love?!

I couldn't wait to make some cupcakes this week and test out my new 1m star tip. Wow...what an incredible difference a tip can make! I love the look of the giant swirl on top. So yummy looking and so fun to do! Some people even questioned if they were store-bought! (The ultimate compliment!)

If you love cupcakes too, you might have to have this cool, new product....a collapsible cupcake carrier!

Being an organizer, I struggle with the standard cupcake carriers when I help people re-organize their kitchens. They are big and bulky and used only once in a while, but for many, an item they just can't live without. So here is a fantastic storage solution...a silicone version by Progressive International, that collapses to half of it's in-use size. I first saw this incredible idea on, but found it at even cheaper....only $25.95! It's amazing what collapsible, silicone products can do for our biggest storage dilemmas!

I found another fun product while perusing the As Seen On TV Guys' website...a giant cupcake cake pan. I posted about a similar product last year by Wilton, but this silicone version is a great alternative at only $19.95! This is one cupcake you'll have to share!

One last product I have to share with you is one that I am eagerly waiting to try out...the food decorating pen by Cuisipro. For only $10 it is the perfect companion tool for any cake or cupcake decorator. You simply pull back on the plunger to fill and squeeze to decorate. It has two tips
(one for thin lines and one for thick), is dishwasher safe, and is easy enough for a child to use. I have a feeling I may need to own more than one! I'll report back after I try it myself, but the reviews I've read all gave it very high marks.

enjoy the great new products that make our life easier!

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