Monday, October 11, 2010

A Party with (Re) Purpose!

Have you heard of Swap Parties? I hadn't, until watching The Nate Berkus Show last week. It is a fabulous, fun way of clearing out the stuff in your life you no longer want while shopping for new stuff at the same time...all without spending a dime!

Gather your friends together and have each bring an item (or two) that they love but no longer need/want. (You'd most likely want to declare a value range to keep things equitable.) When guests arrive, they simply trade in their treasures for "play" money; each guest receiving the same amount. Once everyone has had time to mingle and view the items, the fun begins. Open the bidding (auction style) and "sell" each item off. In the end, everyone leaves the party with their newly "purchased" treasure. How fun is that?!

To add even more fun to the party, pick a theme for the evening. My favorite idea showcased was the "Ex Swap." Each guest brings an item given to them by their ex-spouse! Is there a better way to get rid of jewelry you no longer want while being able to "buy" new pieces with fresh, fun memories attached to them?

I say, let the party begin!!!!

enjoy the fun ways you can purge your unwanted things!

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