Friday, November 5, 2010

My favorite time of year!

House decorated. Check.
Thanksgiving menu complete. Check.
Christmas shopping started. Check.

It's official....I've got Fall Fever! 

When asked what holiday is my favorite, my response usually surprises people. It's Thanksgiving. While I completely LOVE Christmas, I find myself the most excited each year when Thanksgiving is on the horizon. I love the smells, foods and gratitude of the season. I love leaves and gourds and candles decorating my entire home. I love the calmness of the day even with the chaos in the kitchen. I love the turkey dinner. I love the dining room table filled to the brim with family and friends. I simply love everything about it!

Thanksgiving has not been tainted by over-commercialism. The only ads we see seem to highlight happy families gathered around a large dining table, ready to carve into a bit-too-perfect-looking turkey. I can deal with that. My turkey may not arrive at the table as the centerpiece, but it tastes awesome!

With Thanksgiving also comes the excitement of Christmas shopping...the Day-After Sales and now even the Weeks-Before Sales. I like that too. I'm an organized person by nature and that helps me to manage through the shopping season with ease. I write a list, check the ads, and watch for sales. I love the thrill of the hunt for that perfect gift at just the right price. That is my fall sport. Guys have football, I have gift shopping. I find by starting before Thanksgiving I can get great buys, avoid sold-out dilemmas, and beat the crowds. What more can one ask for?!

Are you ready for Thanksgiving? Get out your notepad, make those lists, and get started. It will ignite the holiday spirit within you too!

enjoy the holiday preparations.

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