Thursday, February 10, 2011

Getting away...without leaving home!

Wishing for a romantic, calming spa getaway to celebrate Valentine's day this year? But, like most of us, the pains of the post-holiday budget won't allow the indulgence?

Well, think again.....It is soooo easy to create a spa mood without leaving home and spending a bundle. It just takes a little planning, some creativity, and some scheduled time!

First, identify what soothes and relaxes you. For me it's candles, soft music, some wine and a hot, bubble bath. Then decide which bathroom has the best bathtub and room to pull it off (for me it is my guest bath - perfectly decorated in tropical accents to further create a far-from-home feeling).

Next, grab the necessary items from around your house to pull the room together. I grabbed a small, bamboo picnic end tables from the garage, an extra stool, a glass ice bucket from the bar filled with ice, a bottle (okay two!) of our favorite wine, a decorative scallop shell, a wine opener, a bunch of white candles (in various sizes), a throw pillow, a bamboo silk plant, my portable iPod player and iPod, a few of my best fluffy, white towels (rolled), and an extra towel to tack over the skylight to buffer the natural light.
I went to town setting the stage to allow for easy access from the tub while striving to keep a clean, crisp look. Elegant simplicity can be the most romantic. I opened (then gently re-corked) the wine and placed it in the bucket to chill. I placed the scallop shell and a couple votive candles next to it to reflect light off of the ice bucket...all set on the bamboo end table next to the tub. On the stool, located at the other end of the tub, I placed the rolled towels and the silk plant with the pillow and couple more candles at it's base on the floor. I tacked the extra towel over the skylight so the candlelight would be the most dominate. I ensured I had a lengthy, slow music mix on my iPod playlist to keep from having to change the music out one the relaxing began. I pre-lit all the candles to ensure the lighting was enough and placement was just right, then blew them out until it was "go" time. When I knew it was almost time for the surprise to be revealed, I filled the tub with tons of bubbles and the hottest water possible (to ensure it wouldn't cool too much, too soon).

To add to the tranquility of the evening, I pre-made dinner and left it in the crock pot to keep warm so after our spa experience dinner would be ready and waiting. It all went off without a hitch and we both reveled in the total relaxation we soaked up!

enjoy creating your own spa oasis....for time you long for a romantic getaway!

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