Saturday, January 27, 2007

Mountains of "Stuff"

I took a little time to peak in on Ali Edwards' blog this morning and I am so glad I did. She posted a picture of her desk in response to a Two Peas challenge. It was a disaster! I was so impressed! It looked just like mine. I was so relieved! Sometimes we let ourselves forget that the artists we look up to and are inspired by, are real people too. They get behind schedule, they let the stuff stack up; they too sometimes need a challenge to get them motivated. We forget that they really are, just like us.
So, as I glance over to the scrapbook side of my own studio, I see an ever-growing mountain of "stuff." Even though I just went through and put away a bunch only a few days ago, it has risen again! The mountain never stays conquered for long. There is the new chipboard swirls I picked up at a "used stamp sale" at my favorite stamp store a couple days ago. There is my "100 Things I Love" list...just discovered this morning hiding away in a notebook. There is an old, antique Speedball Text Book of my great-great grandmother's that I am waiting to frame and hang above my desk. There are two albums my daughter asked me to get down for her so she could scrapbook, and the list goes on and on and on...
In my own defense, my mind has been more on writing and editing lately than scrapbooking...although I really have missed it. There are so many projects lying in wait. So many, in fact, that once I set in to tackle them, I may not emerge from the studio for days! I guess that is exactly what I need - a weekend away in my own studio! Tell the family I left town, work real quietly, maybe they won't notice I'm here...
Instead of cleaning the desk or working on my pile of projects, however, I will go pack my bag for CHA and work some more on the book proposal! The mountain of "stuff" will be here, waiting for my return. And I'm sure to find more great stuff to add to the mountain at CHA anyway, so no sense in clearing it off today! LOL! :)
Enjoy the weekend!

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