Saturday, January 27, 2007

New Hybrid Scrapbooker!

Saturday, 27 January 2007
While it appears that I did not post yesterday....I did! But I was caught in a technical meltdown, meaning, everything I attempted to do using the computer yesterday was a seemingly losing battle! I posted here, but it never showed up. I am guessing it timed out as I was trying to multi-task. Okay, lesson learned. Stay more focused while blogging! LOL! I also fought to get the description for my very first Hybrid layout posted (it has a typo, which I am ignoring due to the hassle of posting it originally). That actually was the topic of the MIA blog: My First Digital Layout! I won't bore you all with the other computer glitches I faced throughout the day yesterday, but suffice to say, I was in need of some serious calm-breathing excercises!! My creative brain doesn't deal well with tech issues. I want it to work right all the time, require very little learning time, and have zero complications! Is that too much to ask?! LOL! Okay, maybe a little.
So, to re-cap yesterday's missing blog:
I've finally entered the digital world! (Here is a picture of my first ever digital layout!). While I will never leave the traditional world (aka: getting rid of all my textile supplies), I am enjoying the options opening up to me by scrapbooking on the computer. Every style of scrapbooking has it's benefits and perks! I love the ability to use any font I can find and have endless size and designing capabilities with them. For example: overlapping words directly on the photo - something only available tradionally if use use a rub-on or overlay. The downside, however, is now I need an external hard drive for the bazillion fonts I've aquired!! LOL) I love being able to size any element (aka: embellishment) to the perfect scale for my layout! Obviosly the benefit of buying an element once and using it indefinitely versus buying embellishments for each and every page is a cost savings. But I will never be able to be satisfied with the amount of papers in my digital file versus the endless possibilities in my paper racks. Too many choices is a great thing! Not to mention actually feeling the textures of the real papers is something sadly lost in the digital world. No, I will never leave the traditional scrapbook world, but I will gladly cross over and take advantage of all digital has to offer! I am happy to be now classified as a "Hybrid" Scrapbooker!
Cindy Wyckoff and I came up with the idea for a new magazine just for Hybrid scrapbookers like myself! It premieres this month in e-mail version and beginning in March, as a hard copy, newsstand issue from there on out. To receive the first copy complimentary, simply go to and sign up!
Enjoy your day!

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