Thursday, February 1, 2007

Good to be home....

Nothing feels better than the wheels of my plane touching down on the Sea-Tac runway. Ahhh...home at last.
Don't get me wrong, I love to travel. I always welcome opportunities to head off to sun-filled locations, taking in new adventures, and working/hanging out with so many great people. I have been lucky enough to travel to many states for my job. I've toured the Coca-Cola factory and CNN building in Atlanta, I've walked the beaches in CA, eaten as much steak as I could get a hold of in Dallas, walked till I've had blisters in Vegas, basked in the Arizona sunshine, enjoyed real, deep dish pizza in Chicago, and discovered incredible restaurants in more states than I can begin to name! For a girl who has never moved away from her home state, my job has allowed me to explore other parts of the country. And while I love different things about each city I visit, Seattle is home.
The best part of hearing the flight attendant say, "Welcome to Seattle," however, is not just being back in my home state. It is knowing that my family is now only a short distance away. That I soon will get to hear all about their adventures while I was away. I will hold them close, and just simply take them in. Nothing compares to the feeling of gratitude I feel when I return home to them. They are what makes my state, my city, my house... feel like home. They are what I miss most, and can't wait to return to. They make coming home the best feeling in the world!
I enjoy the journey, but I cherish the return.

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