Monday, February 5, 2007

A Super Sunday...

As we hosted our annual Superbowl party, we enjoyed time with good friends and family, rooted for the Colts, laughed at the commercials, honed our trivia knowledge, and ate way too much...all the ingredients for a wonderful day!
After we celebrated the win, said our goodbyes, cleaned up the kitchen, and headed for the total relaxation of the couch, I realized again how incredibly lucky I am. Lucky to have close friends and family to celebrate with, lucky to have healthy children, to have the home of my dreams...with my own spacous studio, but mostly to have a husband that I am lucky enough to call my best friend. Someone who enjoys and wants the same things, and works together as a team to achieve them. To find love is amazing enough, but to find a soul mate is such an incredible blessing I cannot fully put it into words. As I venture off in a new direction, ready to conquer the literary world, he stands beside me, encouraging me, believing in me, motivating me. Inspiring me to be the best I can be. For him, I find reasons to be thankful everyday.
And as I sat snuggled into his chest on the couch, a fire in the fireplace, candlelight flickering around the room, I took a moment to reflect on what super Sunday it had been. And what a super life this truly is.

Enjoy the moments life gives us...

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