Wednesday, February 28, 2007

A New Approach...

So the other day I said how I am most inspired by color and how much I love my paper and ribbons sorted into color families...and today I read Nichole Heady's post on inspiration and realize I have somewhat missed the boat! Why have I not sorted EVERYTHING into color pallets?! Up until now, I've always had the rest of my embellishments categorized by "like items." Isn't that what the organizing gurus have taught us to do? Well, today I am breaking out (or rather, following Nichole's lead)!! I looked over at my Iris carts, so dutifully containing all of their important categories...brads, eyelets, flowers, tags, words, acrylic pieces...all neatly sorted in their labeled drawers. I counted the drawers...yep, there are enough for all my colors to be represented. So...should I take the plunge and try it? It makes total sense... When I sit down to create I, like Nichole, first gather items together by the color(s) I will be working with. Right now that means pulling open just about every drawer I own. When sorted by color, it could greatly minimize the effort needed to find the perfect additions. I rarely say, "Gee, I want to use a flower. Which color shall I pick?" I normally think, "Hey, what else do I have in fuchsia that would add to this project?!"

So I guess I have my answer. I'm going for it! It will (in the long run) save me time. It may even show me options that I might have otherwise missed. (Who knew there was one sage green flower under that pile?!) What's the worst than can happen by trying it out? Besides countless more hours spent organizing, which we all know I love! I think it's pretty much a win-win!!

enjoy new approaches!


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