Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Cheers to Good Service!

I have heard endless talk of poor behavior and bad customer service lately. Like most everyone, I have a bounty of personal experiences to add to those conversations! I decided, however, we need to hear more about the unexpected, over-the-top, excellent customer service stories instead! We should dwell more on the positives in life!
So here is my most recent awesome service experience. This is not to say I haven't received a ton of good service since last November, but truly - no one has topped this!!
Prior to our destination wedding I searched out Florida restaurants on-line to pick the perfect place to celebrate after the ceremony. I discovered a quaint little Italian place in St. Pete, not far from our hotel. They had a perfect little back room that we could "take over" and the food sounded delicious! Heck, the decor even matched to our wedding colors! So we filed in, took our places and as the staff began to take our drink orders, I panicked! In all my planning there was one thing I had forgotten to ask. My response to drink requests is always the same; "Do you serve Coke or Pepsi?" No offense to the Pepsi-lover's, but I ONLY drink Coke. So to my horror, he of course replied, "Pepsi!" How had I had failed to check that one important detail? Instantly spotting my disappointment, and obviously noting the special occasion as we were all still in wedding attire, he quickly moved into action. He turned to the hostess helping him and said, "Run next door and get some 2 liters of Coke!" I was stunned! "Are you serious?" I was blown away! I was ECSTATIC! We raised our glasses in celebration as newly married husband and wife....with two water goblets of Coke! A perfect toast for our perfect day.
So you see, some people do go the extra mile. Some do care about the service they provide. And those that do, deserve to be talked about! A little "free advertising" for those that truly deserve it!

Carino's Northern Italian Cuisine http://www.carinosrestaurant.com/
9524 Blind Pass Road, St. Pete Beach, FL 33706 (727)360-8502
While tucked away in a strip mall type building...the food was every bit as incredible as the service!!!

enjoy the good in others!

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