Thursday, March 29, 2007

Home again...

Where do I start? An incredible, eight-day cruise followed by a sad farewell, as Rog's dad was laid to rest. Such a wide range of emotions for us over the past couple weeks.

We headed out on our cruise as scheduled and agreed to put all thoughts of "real life" aside and just unwind. Nothing makes unwinding easier than the Caribbean, that I can say with absolute certainty!!! I fell in love with the islands we visited, the incredible aqua blue water and the people we met along the way. It was truly paradise. We were a part of an incredible group (Parrotheads) raising money for Breast Cancer Research and our combined efforts brought in over $40,000! They call it "Partying with a Purpose," and if you are a Jimmy Buffet/TropRock fan....this is an event you don't want to miss!!! For eight incredible days there were concerts, auctions, cocktail parties, pool invasions, toga attire, dancing, and of course a little food and drinking too. So many great memories...we can't wait to go back.

Without our luggage and seven hours behind schedule, we arrived in Arkansas to be with Rog's family. It was an obviously sad time, but it was time we cherished. All of us looking through old family photos together and sharing memories. Love, laughter, and of course some tears, helped begin the healing.

And as I sit here this morning, the sunrise peeking up over the mountains, I feel so blessed. Even through loss there is something to grab hold of...each other.

enjoy the memories you are making,

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