Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Time goes by...

Where does the hour go when we roll the clocks forward? I know the literal answer to the question; but if I woke up at 4am this morning, why am I feeling so behind already?! Unfortunately, because my body has a clock all its own! While the clock on the wall says it's almost 7am, my brain is telling my body it is only 6am! "Don't rush," the brainwaves say, "we have all morning" ...Yea right!! Suddenly it is time to be heading out the door and I have hardly anything accomplished! So the answer is...my brain slows my body down to absorb that hour. Like last night for instance, I ran into Macy's to look for white capri pants (a whole separate issue there!!) and I emerge from the store an hour and a half later! What? How did I spend an hour and a half in Macy's?! It is like I rebel against the world spinning in a different time frame. It just isn't right!
So we are counting down for the cruise...we sail in just three days! Roger asked me this weekend, "What happened to the 60 day countdown?!" (I guess his natural clock is rebelling a bit too!) It did go by quickly. You know what they say, the older we get the faster the time goes. And it is soooo true! Remember when a school year (all of mere 9 months) seemed to take forever to get through? Then the nine months you were pregnant...it seemed like a lifetime! Now 9 months is like a season; here and gone before I even realize it. After all, weren't we just writing 2005 on our checks just nine months ago? Okay, so it was a year and 3 months ago! But it sped by so fast! I keep loading pictures into the wrong year file on my computer! I swear that was Thanksgiving 2005....nope that was 2006! So, I say we can't afford to lose an hour every year. Because over the course of our life it probably adds up to another 9 months worth of missing days! ;)

enjoy the time you have...

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