Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Are you happy?

Today I happened to turn the tv on just after Oprah started. It may have been a re-run but since I hardly ever watch, it was new to me. The theme of the day was Finding Happiness.
Is being happy such a mystery that we need a show to tell us how to achieve it? That is a sad testament to our world.

Why are so many people unhappy? One theory today was that too many people put there happiness on an agenda. "I'll be happy when I get/achieve _____!" Then when they get there they move the goal up to the next achievement or acquisition. People, life is too short!!! Quit waiting!! The time to be happy is NOW!
Years ago, when I announced I was separating from my husband after 20+ years, I received a lot of concern and questioning. Was I crazy?!! What would I do? How would I make it alone? Why now?
I wasn't crazy. I didn't have a full time job. I wasn't sure how I would make it, but yes, I was sure it had to be now. I was also sure it would work out fine. Better than fine! I sought out to be happier in my life. For that I can make no apologies. Was my ex-husband a horrible person? No. We had just grown in opposite directions and forcing ourselves to stay in a mutual direction was hurting us all. We both deserved to be happier. So I followed my own path. Did it work? Am I happy today? Yes, EXTREMELY happy.
I re-discovered a person who has a lot to offer others. A creative person who is willing to work hard to provide for her family. A person who believes in herself enough to take a leap of faith. A person who believes it is okay to be happy.
I also found a person whose path is so aligned with my own, it is almost unbelievable. A person I can visualize growing old with. A husband I can call my best friend. And through it all, I have shown my children that if something is holding you back, you can identify it and change it. That you can achieve anything you set out to achieve, including finding and maintaining happiness. That is okay to be happy in life.

So ask yourself...What things bring you joy? What makes you truly happy?
Look deep inside...the path to it already lies within you. Sometimes you just need to re-adjust your course to connect to it. To unlock it. Sometimes, it even takes a leap of faith.
It isn't really that big of mystery after all.

enjoy and search out the things that make you happy!

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