Tuesday, April 24, 2007

The Babies are Here!!!!

Yesterday's blog never happened as I've been on mid-wife duty for the past 24 hours! Our Weimaraner, Maggie, brought 9 beautiful puppies into the world.

She is tired. We are tired. The babies are tired! And Lizzy and Riley are just plain tired of being outside! LOL!

Her labor started slow so I spent the entire day yesterday in the garage with her. Watching. Waiting. About 5pm last night she started delivering, so we spent the entire night in the garage as well! Rog and I each got about three hours of sleep as we took turns napping here and there. Even with a foam camping mattress, napping in the garage is not recommended! LOL! How is it we used to sleep on the hard ground as camping teenagers?! Huh...apparently we aren't as young as we once were!

The puppies are doing well, so it is worth the aches in our backs, the droop in our eyelids, and spring so obviously missing from our steps.

enjoy all that is new in your world!
These photos were taken of Maggie's last litter (2006). They are always sooooo adorable!!!

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