Tuesday, April 24, 2007

What "Deanna Needs"

I was blog hopping and discovered an odd little entry circulating through scrapbook-blog land! I just had to try it! You Google your name followed by the word "needs" and see what pops up! It is too funny - and amazingly right on for me today! Here they are, in the exact order they appeared in...
1. Deanna needs children.....well, I guess you could say I got them! Nine puppies born last night and this morning! I often joke that they are the closest thing to Rog and I having kids together.
2. Deanna needs to change her underwear. Okay, so I still have on my clothes I slept in (or rather stayed up all night in) while mid-wiving in the garage! Who told?!!!!
3. Deanna needs to find a reason to go shopping! Heck, after mid-wiving nine puppies, who WOULDN'T?!!!! LOL!

I had to chuckle! Could be my complete and total exhaustion, but I thought is was cute!

I may not go shopping, but I am definitely headed to D Thai for some Tom Ka Chicken Soup! Not only do I "need" it, I deserve it!!! (Right after I shower and change of course!! LOL!)

enjoy the oddities that make you laugh out loud!

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