Monday, April 9, 2007

Happy (day after) Easter!

Since I didn't have a chance to post Easter greetings to everyone on Sunday, I'm doing it now!
I hope your day was filled with love and sweet things!

The Easter Bunny delivered Moose Munch (by Harry and David) to our house. Thank You, Easter Bunny!! If you've never indulged, you gotta try it!! Lightly caramel coated popcorn and nuts with dark chocolate dribbled over it! Mmmm....good stuff! Rog and I tried to make it ourselves last Christmas, but nobody does it better than Harry and David! (It is also sold now at both Costco and Target!!)

Rog and I made Easter dinner together - gotta love a man who helps cook!!!!! (With Mom bringing her famous broccoli salad and deviled eggs!) And this year, since half the family really doesn't care for ham, we decided to cook both ham and turkey! I gladly went along as that meant the addition of gravy as well!! LOL! We even whipped out the chocolate fountain to add a fun touch. Everything turned out great! It was so nice to have all our kids home together again. Nothing means more to me than that.
I hope your day was filled with moments that nourished your soul.
enjoy the moments that bring your family together,

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