Monday, April 16, 2007

Tax Time ALREADY?!

Ugh. I really dislike doing taxes. I know it isn't that difficult and once I'm done it feels sooooo good! But for years I had two businesses and taxes were so, well.....taxing!!! Maybe that's how they got their name! LOL! So today I am forced to buckle down and get it done. I mean the deadline is tomorrow after all! And why is the deadline on a Tuesday? I've never heard of that before. Usually if the 15th falls on a weekend, taxes are due Monday. But Tuesday?! Not that I am complaining....for me it works perfectly! The only thing better would be if they would move back the month!!! LOL! But I don't think that will happen......
So, I implemented some of my best avoidance tactics this morning and decided checking my mail needed to be done before I could dig into the waiting pile of receipts, W-2's, 1099's and such! While there, I discovered my regular Sunday e-mail from Katie Pertiet. If you haven't heard of Katie, you obviously aren't a digital scrapbooker and possibly not a scrapbooker at all (she designs for Autumn Leaves and more). Her web site, is by far my favorite digital shopping site! Every Monday they have incredible, downloadable deals as well as the standard freebies offered up by an amazingly talented group of ladies! You have to check it out!!!
For those asking when I made the switch to digital after 13 years of traditional scrapbooking, rest assured I haven't surrendered to the "other" side. I merely see the benefit in both worlds! Digital is faster and allows a bit more freedom to play with fonts and graphics. It is a bit cheaper as products are re-usable, rather than consumable. But nothing can fully take the place of the texture and hands-on experience like traditional scrapbooking. So no, I will never sell off all my tools and supplies. I still love (and need) real paper! And while it takes a lot more room to store...nothing beats the real thing!

I did do a little shopping today at Designer Digitals (making good use of my tax avoidance time) and felt the same pangs of inspiration I get when perusing my local sb stores. Ideas flooded my head and made me want to sit down and create! And after all, that really is what scrapbooking is all about...creating. Saving memories in artful ways. Telling the stories of our photographs. It doesn't matter which world you shop in or create long as you do it! And enjoy it! So here's to finding some inspiration instead of pouting over taxes!!!! (and yes, I bought that delicious paper pack by Danelle Johnson pictured here for $3.99!)

enjoy some time to be creative today!

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