Tuesday, April 17, 2007

A Day of Mourning...

There are just no words that can express the sadness in my heart for those around the country who are grieving their loved ones after yesterday's rampage at Virginia Tech.

As a mother who faced sending a child away to college, I know the heartache of that approaching goodbye; that moment we give them wings to face the world on their own. I would cry at the very thought of walking off the campus, setting off for the five hour drive home alone. Saying goodbye is never easy. We pray our children will be safe; that they will make good choices. But so much is out of our control...and out of theirs as well.

Today my heart breaks for those parents whose children will not make it home from Virginia Tech. Their lives cut so tragically short. A hideous, senseless crime, leaving a dark cloud over our entire country. There is nothing we can say to ease the pain, to drown out the horrifying images. We cry for them...those taken and those left behind. We hug our children and each other a little tighter. And we are changed.


I do not know who took today's photo. I found it among some older VT images.

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