Thursday, April 19, 2007

Time to Celebrate...

Today is Rog's birthday!!!
{Happy birthday Baby!}
That means once again, I find myself searching for the "perfect" gift.
Men, in general, are soooo hard to buy for! Like most women, I LOVE new clothes, so a simple trip to the mall can result in easy gift buying success! But most men, Roger included, do not love clothes the way I do. They look at them as practical items they purchase when they need them. Somehow the appreciation of acquiring a new look, enjoying the incredible starchy, crispness of new fabric, or scoring a shirt you love in a great new color, is lost on them. I don't get it, but that's just the way it is.
So what is the ultimate "guy" gift?
Men tend to buy tools and such for themselves and, unlike shirts, one only needs so many cordless drills! Electronics...same story. He is a total gadget-guy so he has all the cool stuff already (he is who fueled my iPod obsession and agreed we needed a 12x12 printer!).
I am just at a loss for ideas. I have managed to find a couple little things that I think will make him happy, but that one, perfect gift is eluding me. Asking him directly is never helpful. He really is more about the giving than receiving. An admirable quality, until my giver personality is searching to uncover the "perfect" gift! LOL!
So for this year, I will just box up all the love in my heart, capture all the joy he brings to my life, and wrap him in all the emotion he fills me with. And hope he was wishing for exactly that.

enjoy the gifts in your life,

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