Thursday, April 26, 2007

Work your Passion...

Am I the only one who is still trying to figure out what she wants to do when she grows up?

I am passionate about so many things it's sometimes hard to reel it all in. To define which path I should follow in life... What job best suits me...

I, like everyone, want a job that pays decent, while still allowing me to be creative and maintaining some degree of flexibility. While job offers and opportunities present themselves everyday, I just can't seem to make the leap, or rather the commitment, to something new. I worry that I can no longer work in the mainstream! I have been blessed to be my own boss for so many years that (I admit) I have picked up some pretty relaxed (some might even say, bad) habits. I have become the true master of flex time! For example..."Hey, there is a sale at Macy's, wanna go?" "Oh heck yeah...I can do this later tonight!" At a real job, I believe leaving your duties behind to engage in clearance shopping is still highly frowned upon! Darn it!

I have worked in the scrapbook industry for almost 14 years now (WOW - even I'm shocked by that!) and I have seen a lot of changes along the way. From, "what is scrap-book-ing?" to scrapbook stores in practically every city! I've watched as sales have peaked and dived, manufacturers have come and gone, and products have evolved at a rapid fire pace. I have worried as the market has shifted and the rules of the industry changed.

While not ready to leave the industry, I too was due for a change. So, a few months back Roger and I made the decision to write and self-publish a book!! Throughout my years of working real jobs, I have worked in a large printing company, a mail-order catalog company, known now as Sharper Image (copy editor), and a publishing company (editor). So it just felt right to produce a book of my own! Looking back, almost every job I've held has lead me to the journey I'm taking now! How did I pick the book's topic? I didn't; the topic picked me! I love to organize. I love to scrapbook. And I love to write. So, writing about great craftroom organization seemed to just happen! An idea came and I followed it.

I believe that identifying your passion(s) is how you achieve the greatest happiness and self-fulfillment. So, who do I want to be when I grow up? For now, a published author who gets to travel the country interviewing talented crafters. Someone who is willing to re-analyze what she wants often enough to not burn out or become passive about it. Someone who follows her passions...wherever that journey leads.

enjoy the path your passion leads you on,

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