Friday, May 25, 2007

DVR Discontent!

I truly love my DVR! I would say it is one of my most prized pieces of electronic equipment. I rely on it heavily. Very heavily! Yes, I admit it...I watch waaayyyyy too much television!

I love a good story...whether through books, movies, prime time, it doesn't matter! And lately there are so many shows out there that have good stories to get wrapped up in. Ever since prime time television began doing more episodicals (shows that carry a continuing theme week after week), I have been hooked! I mean face it, years ago, if you missed one episode of The Brady Bunch or Love Boat you could wait till summer, catch the re-run and be fine. But now...!? Miss an episode and you go crazy trying to figure out what you missed last week that has led to what's happening tonight! Auughhh! Anyway, I digress....

So I follow (aka: watch every episode) of many shows. Survivor, Lost, Criminal Minds, Stark, Bones, CSI, Veronica Mars, 24, American Idol and a few others I'm probably forgetting off the top of my head! That's a LOT of hours of television! So, I record them ALL and watch when time is available. We love to sit on a Sunday morning and watch a 3-hour run of our favorites back to back, without commercials. Our idea of total relaxation!

So what happens to people like me when the DVR crashes and you lose the entire, mounding season of Grey's Anatomy?! (That you haven't watched any of because you have to watch in consecutive order and you missed half of season 2 and haven't had time to watch the DVD set yet?) You go a little crazy! But then you realize you can simply buy the DVD set of season 3 as well and survive. Okay, so I did spent Easter morning with a strange cable man in my rec room swapping out my DVR unit, but I didn't ask them to come on a the holiday...they offered!!! And since he had to work that day anyway, I decided, Yeah, okay, I want my DVR fixed!!!

So why am I upset today with my newly replaced DVR?! Well, for some reason American Idol's 2-hour finale was cut off right before they announced who actually WON!!!! Now, I'm not a mole. I saw the headlines; heard the news. I, of course, already knew that Jordin had achieved victory. And I was happy. Very happy. (Even if Blake is the home town hero, sorry Blake Girls.) But I wanted to witness the moment. See the confetti and the tears fly. Feel the joy. Maybe shed a tear myself. Be there to witness that good things CAN and DO happen when you believe in your dreams. You spend week after week getting invested in these singers, their lives, their stories...and then...nothing. So disappointing.

So, I will head for the internet and catch the clips, but it won't be the same. And I will try and forgive my DVR for letting me down. One more time. Because, gee, I did get to see the return of the "other" local guy. Wind machine and all. Now there's compensation, huh?!

I'm sure many of you understand my pain, and yet others of you are probably thinking by now that an intervention may be necessary. It could be! LOL!

I now leave my pity party to return you to your regularly scheduled blogging!

enjoy the things you sometimes take for granted!
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Jolene George said...

Dangit! I looked at the clock and they were WAY late in announcing the winner. That would have ticked me off too.