Monday, May 14, 2007

Oh, the Joy!

I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend! Even though the sun didn't really shine for Mom's Day, it was still a warm, fuzzy day for me. Rog suggested a trip to IKEA! While that may not sound like an exciting way to spend Mother's Day to you, it is pure heaven to me! We did our normal enter through the exit strategy and headed for the "As Is" section. Yes, we were just there last Sunday, but everything changes so fast it is like a new experience each time.

So here is a pic of my Mother's Day gift from Rog...An Expedit Bookshelf! I've had white bookshelves lined up on this wall since setting up the studio, but they were old and not in the best shape, so Rog thought this would be a much sturdier alternative! He says I have a tendency to over-load the weight capacity! Hmmm....maybe.

Melissa also filled my day with fun organizing stuff...part of my gift from her were three mini-colanders! I quickly filled this one with all my wood mounted monogram stamps!!! It is soooo cute!
I spent the morning loading up the new shelves! Total Fun! While there are still some empty shelves now, they won't be that way for long! The room is really coming together and just having it neater and more functional, makes me want to dig in and play!

My other favorite thing besides organizing is party planning and decorating so.....Friday and Saturday I helped a good friend put on a wedding. We went to Pike Place Market and got some absolutely beautiful flowers (a LOT of them) for a screaming deal!!! I was amazed! From those flowers we created a bridal bouquet, an attendant bouquet, lined the stone hearth with five vases of flowers and still had great arrangements left for all the necessary places! The wedding was beautiful and so much fun to be involved in! Congrats to Ryan and Tamara....We wish them all the best!!!

I managed to click off a few photos in between tasks so I thought I'd share my favorites!

enjoy the magic reflecting back at you.....


Shannon S said...

Can't wait to see it. What wall is that on in your room? I am so jealous! Looks like the wedding was awesome!

Jolene George said...

Okay...I'm so loving this! What a great mothers day gift. Gotta love IKEA. Your room is looking amazing!
Beautiful pictures of the wedding. I'm discovering that you and I have A LOT in common. :o)