Monday, May 7, 2007

IKEA Krazy!!!

So, we went for a drive and ended up at IKEA yesterday (45 minutes from home)! You all know how much I LOVE that store! As always, we entered through the exit and headed straight for the "As Is" department. And wouldn't you know, I found a couple great pieces of furniture with my name ALL over them! (it truly was...right after we applied the HOLD tags!)

We found a piece that will serve as an upper hutch cabinet. For what base you ask? Well, for the 45" worth of base cabinets we bought for a screaming deal in the kitchen department!! Tonight my dear hubby will take all this......
....and turn it into the printer station and storage that I have been desperately needing for the studio! I have a 12" printer that really wants out of its box!!! I have searched and searched for a piece that would best utilize the 45" space between one of the large PAX cabinets and the edge of the desktop. I couldn't find anything that would work. If it was the right size, it was the wrong color, and vice verse. So we took a trip to IKEA hoping something would add up to 45" of great, usable space!

And IKEA pulled through in the clutch again! Did I mention I LOVE that store?! We simply bought a 30" and a 15" kitchen base cabinet and a 49" counter top for it and Viola! Problem solved. Well, almost. If your math skills are working, you realized we have four extra inches of counter top to deal with! But never fear...hubby already worked that out. He realized we could re-work the bookshelf at the end of the desktop and gain (we think) the four inches back. Tonight we will know for sure! But even if we can't manoeuvre the extra space, we can always resort to cutting it down.

If all goes well and hubby isn't too tired to build stuff when he gets home tonight, I will post the new studio addition tomorrow! Stay tuned!

enjoy the unexpected discoveries in your day...

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