Thursday, May 31, 2007

Seven Times Seven

Since I took Wednesday off, here is my belated Wacky Wednesday quiz! When it's 85 in Seattle (especially in May) it's a little hard not to play hookie!!!

Seven Upcoming Events Written on my Calendar

1. Melissa's Grad Party
2. Father's Day Brunch
3. Melissa's Graduation
4. Susan's Birthday
5. Parrothead Party at Karen's
6. Fourth of July Fireworks
7. Parrothead Concert in Kingston

Seven Things I Cannot Do

1. Stop talking with my hands!
2. Lose weight quick enough
3. Eat Split Pea soup
4. Dye my hair
5. Park in my garage
6. Bungie-jump, skydive - Too scared!
7. Compete on Survivor - because I wouldn't be able to eat gross stuff!

Seven Reasons I like Blogging

1. I love to write!
2. I love staying in touch with people far away.
3. I enjoy reading up on my friends' life adventures.
4. Getting to know new people!
5. Sharing my photos.
6. It can be great comic relief!
7. It is always changing!

Seven Things I Say Most Often

1. Love you!
2. Talk to you later...
3. You're a freak!
4. That's creepy!
5. What do you want to eat?
6. Call and check in!
7. Hey there!

Seven Things I Love about Summer

1. Bright, sunny mornings and longer days
2. Smell of freshly mowed lawns
3. Wearing shorts everyday
4. Being tan
5. Bar-b-ques and eating outside
6. Going to the Drive-In
7. Being out in the water

Seven Movies That I Watch Over and Over Again

1. Top Gun
2. Coyote Ugly
3. You've Got Mail
4. Dirty Dancing
5. The American President
6. Castaway
7. Air Force One

Seven Favorite Things about my House

1. That my family gathers here.
2. The studio being right off the rec room and all its new storage space.
3. The tall wall of family pictures in the entry.
4. The vaulted ceiling in the living room that allows me a 12' Christmas tree.
5. The kitchen works perfect for entertaining.
6. The amount of windows and natural light we have.
7. The hot tub and huge patio outside.

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