Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Weekend in Review...

It was a busy weekend, but a relaxing one! I was blessed with both fun times with friends as well as some quiet time at home! A perfect blend of both worlds. So here are the top ten things I did this holiday weekend (in order of occurrence)...

1) Spent a relaxing Friday evening at home with my hubby!!!
2) Rode my Sea Doo for the first time this year.
3) Re-gained a little of my quickly fading Caribbean tan!!
4) Enjoyed a tropical potluck with friends at the cabin - enjoyed steamed oysters on the bar-b-que, Coronas, and tons of fabulous food!
5) Made biscuits and gravy for breakfast. Haven't done that in forever!!
6) Watched the first half of the Indy 500, rooting for Danica Patrick! Darn rain!
7) Attended Bob's 60th birthday party!
8) Ate Copper River Salmon for the first time while celebrating Amy's 40th at Ray's Boathouse!
9) Discovered the best chocolate cake on the planet (Mike's Amazing Cakes!!!!). The cake looked like a pile of scrapbook supplies! Amazing both in looks and taste!
10) Made Melissa's grad party invitations...finally!

Here is the poem I wrote for the invitations....

It's been thirteen years of homework and tests,
Now she's finally done and ready to rest!
She cheered for the team; her photos won praise!
She made the most of her high school days!
This fall will bring college and a whole new scene,
So let's celebrate today the journey it's been!

enjoy the simple things,

Race photo from Yahoo News


Jolene George said...

Sounds like a great weekend. We eat lots of biscuits and gravy here. I sure hope you took a picture of that cake. I would LOVE to see it!
Can I see your daughters graduation announcements? The poem is wonderful!

Jolene George said...

Thanks for posting a picture of the announcement. It turned out beautiful!