Wednesday, May 2, 2007

We learn what we live...

I believe that is how the quote goes.
And how true it is.

I had two very prominent examples of how important picture taking was as I grew up. I still, at 41, have strong memories of my grandmother 's endless mission to capture the people and travels of her life. Always toting around at least one full packet of newly developed pictures to share with the world. And even as a child, as I tired of holding the poses for what seemed like an eternity, a lesson was being absorbed. Take it now; share it later. Let this moment live on. My dad's captivating shots of nature have always been an inspiration to me as well, and I have tons of childhood photos because he was always snapping pictures. Mostly of me, but hey, I'm an only child!

Now it is my turn to pass the torch. And pass it I have, even without realizing it. My daughter decided to take a photography class again this year. She had tried once before, but found the teacher a little too in the box for creative artistic expression (okay, that was my definition, but I was just putting a name to her frustration! LOL!) But this year's teacher has the right idea. Assign a project and give the students freedom to be creative. Now not only is she racking up magnificent grades in the class, but her work is headed for the local art show and a community display soon!

I am soooo proud. I love that she has such a great eye and natural talent. I love that she is following the path of her parent, grandparent and great-grandparent! I love that we all have this passion in common. I love that she set out to do well and is exceeding all our expectations. And I love that when she borrowed my camera for today's photo shoot, it was returned in perfect condition! LOL!

It is so funny how we set examples that we are not even aware of. I naturally loved photography because it was always around me. Now she loves it too because it was always around her. So to celebrate her, I thought I'd share a few of the pictures she shot today at Seattle's Pike Place Market....
enjoy life as it comes full circle,

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Tracy said...

Hey - great shots! One thing that is wonderful about photography is there is no limit to creativity. Another thing I love is that it appeals to all ages. Even my (almost) four-year-old nephew likes looking at pictures, espcially when they are of him - lol! He also likes to take digital pictures of his dog and new brother. My 17-yr-old dd is taking photography at school and is learning a lot of the nitty gritty basics of black and white film development (and rather enjoying it).
Keep up the good work!