Tuesday, June 26, 2007

I got a little insurance...

Ever hear that little voice inside your head talking to you? Well, this weekend my inside voice was screaming at me....."What would you do if the computer crashed?! You need a back up plan!!"

With 60+ room files loaded with pictures for the upcoming book, what would I do if the computer crashed under the pressure? Hours and hours of work would be lost! I'd lose my mind right along with the pictures! It wouldn't be pretty.

So I listened to the voice and ran right out and bought myself an external hard drive! I have been wanting one for some time, but I kept putting it off. All the while continuing to download fonts, photos, and digital scrapbook graphics at rapid-fire pace.

Hey, I'm an optimist. I believe in karma. But even so, I try and always listen to that voice in my head! I have learned from experience it usually pays off! And heck, the hard drive is cheap insurance (all 500gb)...now that I'm prepared, my computer is bound to keep running for quite some time!
I had to laugh as I unboxed the unit and noted the "hello" sticker sealing the bag. Then glancing down at the instruction guide...it read, "This won't take long" and on the back, "Please enjoy." Why can't all packaging be this friendly? It totally made me smile!

Here's to Seagate! They win my vote for best marketing practice I've seen in a long time!!!
enjoy the reward of being prepared!


Tracy said...

you're one smart cookie. i should heed your advice!

Jolene George said...

I just recently got that exact one too...that little voice is such a nag, but now we'll both sleep better. :o)