Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Tackle it Tuesday - Pantry

After feeling so good getting other parts of my house finally organized, I decided it was time to tackle the dreaded kitchen pantry! I have always been pretty obsessive about the state of my pantry and lately it has been completely out of control!!!!

With the addition of new serving ware (following our November wedding and then Christmas) the cabinet dedicated to those dishes was beyond full and things were spilling over into the pantry. Well until now! I rearranged the original cabinet, making room for a couple more things, then went to work on creating additional space in the pantry! One of the small white bookshelves I took out of the studio when we re-organized it worked perfectly to provide some needed shelving along the back wall. Two of my new casserole dishes (with awkward, footed pedestals) now fit wonderfully! YEA!

Our pantry was very poorly designed, so when we moved in we immediately tore out the horrid wire shelving and installed wider, sturdier board shelves instead. I have been using the Tupperware Modular Mate containers since they debuted forever ago and on a few of the shelves I can store them two deep!
So, I purged, I organized and I incorporated more shelves...and I am very happy with the result!! And yes, you are all witness to the fact that I do not cook from scratch - too many years of 12 hour days at work. Although I do not live on Hamburger Helper the way these pictures would imply, we have a couple quick and easy favorites! When my pantry is clean and organized I feel much more in the mood to cook....from scratch or otherwise!

I told Rog I was going to hang a picture on the back wall to finish it off and he thought I was crazy. "Who will ever see it in there?" ME!! I am in and out of there all the time! It makes it more homey. Am I crazy? I don't think so. But then my vote probably doesn't really count, huh?! (in the photo it is sitting on the shelf waiting to be hung...after a little spackling work!)

enjoy being able to find what you are looking for!


Colleen Schaan said...

Ohhhhh I love your pantry. We finally have a walk in pantry in our new home and I love it. It has shelves just like yours. I like to keep everything organized by "type" and then alphabetical (yeah, a but compulsive) but then my hubby goes in and just dumps stuff on the nearest shelf! Drives me nutters...

I totally get the picture hanging in there...we actually have a window in ours. How weird! Now everyone outside can see what we eat!!!

Deanna (DW) Shain said...

Wow...I was worried about letting my blog world see what I cook/eat, I'd never make it with a window! LOL! Although, maybe neighbors would take pity on me on those chaotic days when it is obvious there is nothing of nutritional value to serve my family and bring over some real food! ROTFLOL! I DO cook real food...just not as "real" as some people's! In our family Campbell's Cream of Mushroom soup is considered a staple! ;)