Friday, June 22, 2007

Studio Central!

Here it studio-office-organizing haven-blog writing-space!
It is so nice to have it clean and organized!
While we are still waiting to buy upper cabinets
(to go on the wall above the 9' desk) everything else is pretty much complete!
Yippeeeeeeee! I love it!!!! And I LOVE IKEA!!!!
I find it rejuvenating and relaxing in this room
being surrounded by all the things I love...
This photo tour starts at the door and goes clockwise around the room.
Enjoy this little peak inside and I'll tell you lots more
about it and the things I used in my book!
enjoy the inspiration that surrounds YOU!


Colleen Schaan said...

Green with envy!!!!! I have a very organized craft room, but it is made up of bits and pieces...I want matcing stuff!!! I just showed hubby these pics and he said, "Maybe for Christmas." Well, is it December yet?

Gorgeous space. You are one lucky gal!

Anonymous said...

Your "space" is so cool. I know what you mean about being in that space makes you feel comfortable and calm. I feel the same way about my Studio!

Anonymous said...

Oh, your room is so so nice!!!!


Vicki C said...

Oh how I LOVE organization!!!! This is a dream!

and btw.. I'm going in to Omaha Saturday,and if there are anymore of those dress forms.. I'm grabbing them.My friend Deb wants one also. It was at Hobby Lobby. I'll email you if I find them, and if you want one, I can always send it to you. Only #3. If there are any left! (keeping my fingers crossed)

k-joi studios said...

you're so organized and you have such a inspirational creative space!