Thursday, June 21, 2007

Get Lost!

And by that I do not mean "go away." I simply mean, take a path you've never traveled; end up somewhere you've never been. And then enjoy what the journey offers along the way!

I took the wrong freeway today and discovered I couldn't exit where I thought I could (oops!). So, I improvised. I took an exit I was familiar with and guessed at how to get back to my desired location. In doing so I went WAY out of my way, and in completely the wrong direction! But I traveled on roads I've never driven on and saw views of Lake Union I've never before seen. I discovered the oldest park in Seattle (anybody know which one it is?) and found a donut shop that has long since closed in my end of town! (Like I need donuts!! But oh, they were good!)
I made it back on course and my shopping day at University Village went on as scheduled (albeit a bit later than planned)!

University Village is one of those places on the my "Favorite Shopping Destinations" list. I don't make it down very often, but when I do, it is always worth the trip! I quickly discovered the sale I was headed to (Pottery Barn's sidewalk sale) was actually a Village-wide annual sidewalk sale!!! Well...what's a girl to do? that's right! S-H-O-P!!! I hit all my favorites: Pottery Barn, PB Kids, Restoration Hardware, Storables, Impress, Crate and Barrel and Fireworks! That's why I love this shopping center - all my faves in one place! And it is an outdoor shopping mall; perfect on a sunny Seattle day!
I found some great deals for the house (PB Kids tropical pillow and surfboard towel pegs), some scrapbook supplies from Impress (Heidi Swapp alphabet stamps and a couple fabulous little $1 bags with various goodies), a license plate cover for a future album (Fireworks), and some storage items from Storables to include in the book!

A wonderful Thrifty Thursday shopping outing with a free un-guided tour of Seattle thrown in!

enjoy the unexpected views along your path,

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