Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Wild Card Wednesday!

The following is like going into the therapist's office and playing the word response game. Well, I *think* it is like that, except I have never actually gone into a therapists office and played this game. As much as it might have been a good idea a time or two!
I used to play with my friends though, and heck...friends are truly the best therapists, and they certainly cost a LOT less too!!! LOL!
Just give one or two word answers for the following items. Type the first response that pops into your head! Ready, Set...Here's mine!

Yourself: Tired
Your Partner: Working
Your Hair: Messy
Color: Blue
Breakfast: Pop Tarts
Dog: Work
Dream Car: Brand New
Mood: Somber
Funny: Girl
Music: Daughtry
Green: Frog
Kitchen: Cleaning
Game: Scrabble
Driving: Fast
Comfort: Food
Water: Swim

So, it sounds like (not being a therapist myself I can only speculate! LOL!) that I wished I'd eaten Pop Tarts for breakfast, I'm tired of working with the puppies, and that I want to drive quickly to D-Thai and get some comfort soup and then take a swim in the Hot Tub while listening to Daughtry as I avoid cleaning the kitchen!
Wow...this really works!!! LOL!!!

enjoy your own self-analysis!


danahollis said...

ooh... I love Scrabble. :)

Hhhmmm... why the somber mood?


Jolene George said...

LOL! now that is some affordable therapy.