Friday, July 20, 2007

Game On...

Yesterday was Thrifty Thursday and once again I scored some wonderful deals!

More cool stuff to re-purpose into organizing ideas for the book, a great wooden state map puzzle (now I can throw away the cardboard version we had mysteriously missing Arkansas! LOL!) and a couple new-to-us games.

I had never heard of this game before, but for a whopping .75, I couldn't resist! I am a total movie buff!! Anyone ever played it before?

Play along now... You get five clues to help you identify the name of the movie (first card's answer is of my old faves...Aurthur!).




Colleen Schaan said...

How fun! My hubby and I are huge game geeks...don't have this one though. Have fun playing it!

Jolene George said...

Those look like great finds. We love playing games. In fact we just joined a once a month couples game night. Can hardly wait!
I got your package....I LOVE all the sticky notes on the books. You have great hand writing. Going to start reading tonight after dinner. Thank you so much! I appreciate your thoughtfulness more than you know.

The Cute & Adorable, Yet Ever So Humble, mE said...

We're huge game geeks at our house, too, but like Colleen, we haven't heard of this one, either. DH loves trivia, but I really am not that great at it!

Love your blog Deanna! I keep coming back and checking in on it. LOVE your organizational ideas!

Erin G.