Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Organizing Heaven... where I have been lately!

I made a trip to The Container Store yesterday and found exactly what I was looking for! (Don't ya LOVE it when that happens?!) I needed a larger tiered shelf to place my adorable Heart and Home jars on, and they had one in the perfect size! And I mean perfect size! I questioned whether it would fit into my EXPEDIT shelf; it would be close, but I took the gamble. I got home and discovered with a little nudge it fits into the cube section as though it was made for it!!!! Yea, mission accomplished!

I also found a two-tier basket shelf that I have wanted for a soooooo long (since the PB version I coveted is no longer available) at a local yard sale....for only $3!!!! Talk about being in the right place at the right time. It completely made my weekend!

And finally, I'll share a little project that I managed to complete despite the obstacles I faced. It isn't perfect, but what the heck, it's doesn't have to be! I am always altering rub-ons to ceate my own words and expressions. (I like to color outside the lines!) But this time I had a little problem. I over-adapted!! I accidentally cut through the wrong portion of the word, right through the letter I needed! No worries...I'll just run down to the sb store (luckily only three blocks from my house) and buy another one. Okay, a $5 mistake, but I just wanted to finish it. Wait! "What do you mean you don't carry that Basic Grey rub-on anymore?!" Aauugghhhh! So, I came back home and improvised. I pieced together different letters to create the letters I needed to spell "create." It is now finished and it is definately a one-of-a-kind piece!

enjoy overcoming the obstacles!


Anonymous said...

I love watching other people organize!!! You know you could do a blog giveaway for a stack of that paper...hee hee!

July 18, 2007 11:52 AM

(sorry posted it in the wrong place)

Jolene George said...

I ADORE all the organizational things you found. So cool that the shelf fit perfectly in the cubical. All the pretty jars of flowers look great! I can't believe you got that 2 tiered basket for $3. I just got my red one for $20 I think. (can't remember) but i thought it was still a great deal.
I love how you improvised on your "create" colander. Your creative space is really coming together nicely!

Jolene George said...
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Jolene George said...

Thank you for deleting that. I was going to ask you to and forgot, but you took care of it. :o) I just got my new computer running. I love it! Is it wrong to love a computer? LOL!

nicoleq said...

LOVE seeing how you are organzing... I'm trying to tackle that now. I start working on it and just get too overwhelmed... then, no scrapping. I'm in a total mental block!
ps. I really liked the quote from yesterday.