Wednesday, July 11, 2007

A very sad day...

I was so busy yesterday I never had time to post. Although as the day came to an end it seemed an appropriate day of silence. My heart weighed heavy as bad news came from multiple directions.
While I have decided not to go over details, I merely wanted to take a moment to say...

Do not put off the things you want to say and do. Take every chance that comes your way. Laugh. Be kind to everyone. Enjoy the little things. Inspire those around you. Never be too busy to smile. Don't let the stress of yesterdays darken your tomorrows. Savor every victory. Don't over think. Spread joy. Live out your dreams. Be true to yourself and others. Live life every minute.

Do those things so that someday when your loved ones are left with only memories, they are blanketed in the comfort of all the joy and goodness you brought into their lives.

Two great people said goodbye to us...but their legacies of love and life will live on in our hearts forever and memories of their goodness shall bring us comfort in the days ahead.

May God bless the families and help give them strength and comfort in this very difficult time.


Heather said...

Lovely words, Peace to you.

Shannon said...

Deanna, who are you talking about?

Colleen said...

Deanna, your words are heartfelt and beautiful. Thank you for the reminder.